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What is Life without music? (Iona’s “Song of the Week - No 10”)

          Iona’s Blogs have, in the past, featured a few musical selections, and for those of you who follow Iona Cali on Telegram (, you will know that we have been selecting a ‘Song of the Week’ since the start of 2024. It, therefore, seemed only reasonable to include the choices here on the website, and so here is our selection of the week: No 10!

          While listening to some random tunes over the last week, we came across a Robert Earl Keen selection, Robert being a long-time favourite of ours, and lo and behold, one of the songs was “Corpus Christi Bay”, which we first heard back in 2022 on an album called “The Full Moon Project” by Phosphorescent (Matthew Houck). Now Phosphorescent is another of our ‘go-to artists’ when we are looking for a great song, and so we were a tad surprised to realise that the song was written by Robert Earl Keen back in 1993 and appeared on his album “A Bigger Piece of Sky”!

          Phosphorescent decided in 2022 to release a song on every full moon in the year, and the result was a cracking collection of cover songs all gathered together on the album “The Full Moon Project”, a fascinating idea in itself!

          The song is classic REK in storytelling style and we think that Matthew’s voice and arrangement are superb, especially the keyboard work towards the end of the piece (about four minutes in!) And so, without further ado, we ask you to listen to, and enjoy our choice of the week:

Corpus Christi Bay by Phosphorescent, written by Robert Earl Keen….

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