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Iona Jukebox # 02

We start this Playlist with the mesmerising, pulsating rhythms of Matthew Houck, otherwise known by his stage name Phosphorescent and this tune is from his 2018 C'est La Vie album. Just love that tumbling tempo!

The wonderful Sons of Bill take the beat up a notch on the next one, and this song is a perennial favourite of ours. The band is one of our current top five 'beat combos', and they are great in concert if you get the chance to see them.

Now we head back in time to a great album from 1979, and apart from the slow, slimmed-down, laid-back beat, I have always loved the saxophone solo mid-way through the song.

Another quirky number is next from 2014, and the jaunty piano accompaniment carries the tune along at a foot-tapping pace, sweet!

We dig even further back in time for the fifth song, back to 1966, no less, and I first heard Tim Buckley's version but plumped for the original version this time around. 

Now we have a lad from Oxfordshire, described as "a national treasure" by Country Music People and who are we to argue. He certainly releases some damn fine tunes, and this is one is from his debut platter.

There now follows by an exceptional pianist with a boogie-woogie ivory tickling number composed by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov that continues the solo piano vibe we have played previously. Stonkin'.

This next song is also the original version, and I have several covers of it in my collection, each one as good as the next. A testament to the quality of Nick Lowe's base material, in my humble opinion! And a great question posed in the title!

We head back to 1973 for our next song, although this version is a 2012 remix. It is another fine example of a simple, catchy pop tune with a hypnotic hook.

Another genre that we enjoy is Raggae, and so we have chosen this song from the great Eddy Grant (Edmond Montague Grant), although this version is by a well-known group from Birmingham, England.

We finish off this set with a fabulous song by another very accomplished singer-songwriter with a tune that seeps into your brain along with the lyrics that tell a lovely little story of hope and joy....

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