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Iona Jukebox # 01

Several musical 'motifs' grab us, and perhaps the most frequent and prominent is the "Johnny Cash" sound, or what we refer to as the "boom, Chika, boom" beat or rhythm. However, the guitar and organ, especially the Hammond organ, are equally vibrant and regularly feature in the stuff we enjoy. In this first Playlist, we start with a slow burner which builds to a beautiful guitar solo, another 'motif', by one of our current favourite bands. Oh, and the sound is uplifted by sublime organ playing. It ends with a classic "Matador and Bull" duel between the two!

Next up is a typical B/C/B beat by a great band who deserves more attention and will undoubtedly feature down the road, oh and more keyboards to accompany the snake bite! 

If you haven't recognised the beat by now, this whimsical song by the fabulous husband and wife duo surely lays it out clear and clean. Rennie Sparks' oddball lyrics are a feature of these guys music. And, if you get the chance, see them 'live' as they are a hoot!

Now we have one of our all-time favourite bands. We have been 'on board' since the early 1980s, and this track is from their debut 'platter' which was listed in Rolling Stones' top 100 albums of the last 20 years. Classic.

Next, we have a phenomenon; this man defies logic; seriously, check him out as he should have succumbed to cancer several years ago and is, at the time of writing, still touring to appreciative audiences. The fact that he can call on the likes of Roger Daltry to duet with him speaks volumes!

Ah ha. More keyboards now, but this is stripped down, bare-knuckle, wrist banging 'Boogie Woogie’. I have yet to come across a better exponent of the art, and this tune is an absolute knockout, in my opinion! Julian Miles Holland, formerly of the seminal British late 70's early 80's band Squeeze, comes close and features later on....

We now arrive at a new track from a band from Illinois that started in 1973. Listening to the lyrics on this track, they seem to have been paying attention. "We believe in another world, in another world we will be happy, in another world we will be free" hmmm! Stonking drumming to boot...

Now we have another of our current favourite bands, and these guys are sublime. B/C/B oozes from this track, but the lyrics are out of the top draw too. "Like bringing flowers to your mum, dragging dog shit all over the floor. Jesus made the flowers, but it took a dog to make the story good". We rest our case!

A change of gear now. We love a mantra; we confess! B/C/B to the fore, but psychedelic vibes to accompany it. The drum and bass are constantly on the beat, and the organ and guitar weave a magical spell, and it is all augmented with a trippy vocal. "Tune in, turn on, and drop out", as Timothy Leary said, way back in '66.

We finish this first Playlist with a classic; nothing else needs to be said.....Did someone mention drumming!

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