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Current Playlists

As a youngster, I was brought up listening to Johann Strauss waltzes, Bill Hayley rockabilly, film soundtracks like My Fair Lady, pop songs by Cliff Richard, The Shadows and The Scaffold and Beethoven. These diverse sounds formed my love of music, and so perhaps it was no surprise when, aged 12, I bought my first single (I never promised you a) Rose Garden and my first album Deep Purple in Rock!


Therefore, music has been an integral part of our travels in Iona Cali, and we wanted to share some of our favourite songs and tunes with you. 


Hopefully, if you also enjoy the music, you will find something you like in the attached Playlists; and we would welcome any comments. Initially, we have limited the length to 45 minutes approximately, i.e. one side of an old C90 cassette for those of a certain age!

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