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Thought it would be useful to pass on this information for anyone who hasn’t yet heard about Founded by Chris Sheldrick, Jack Whaley-Cohen, Mohan Ganesalingam, and Michael Dent, what3words was launched in July 2013 and is designed to identify any location in the world with a resolution of about 3 metres (9.8 ft). By downloading the App one can find one’s location, even if one were bobbing about in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (wi-fi permitting!)

In Iona Cali, we regularly use the app to note the unique three-word address of remote locations we find ourselves in so that we can re-visit the spot at some future date with ease. All we have to do is type the three-word identifier into Apple/Google maps and the route is brought up for us. Hay presto!

Hope you found this informative, and if so, why not try out the app and check out their web site?

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