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Iona's Song of the Week - No 16

This guy is new to me, as a song of his appeared on my iTunes New Music list last Friday. The song is called Don't Monopolise Your Mind and features Sara Watkins, and I was going to choose that song. However, having looked into Jonah Tolchin a bit more, I came across the title of his 2016 album Thousand Mile Night, which hooked me right in!

Jonah is an American singer-songwriter and musician who is native to New Jersey. When he was fifteen, Ronnie Earl heard him play at a music store, took him out to lunch and asked Jonah to play with him onstage. Tolchin says, "It was a really beautiful gesture. It was amazing to have that sort of validation from such a legend. I thought, 'I guess I can do something with this.'

Thousand Mile Night is the band's third studio album, and it gets its name from the 1,000-mile drive Tolchin made from Muscle Shoals to his home in New Jersey following the album's recording! The YouTube version is a live video recorded in Moorefields, built in 1785, and was originally a summer home of Alfred Moore, a military, educational and judicial leader from Washington, NC. Moore was one of the founders of the University of North Carolina at Capital Hill.

Hope you enjoy this week's choice....

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A grand tune this week. It is an education listening to your weekly song.

Replying to

Thanks, needless to say, I rather like it too!!

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