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Sound and Vision No 2 - Mercury in Retrograde by Sturgill Simpson

The second track we wish to share in this series is one of our standout songs of the last couple of years and comes from the fabulous album Sound and Fury by Sturgill Simpson released on 27th September 2019. The album marked a significant departure from Sturgill’s country sound and resulted in Simpson becoming the first artist to ever be nominated for both Best Rock Album and Best Country Album by the Grammy Awards!

The whimsical introduction overlies a fabulous chundering boom chika boom beat, for which we are absolute suckers, and it re-emerges during the chorus to great effect. The lyrics are well worth your attention too, with the withering second verse going:

They come backstage and on my bus

Pretending to be my friend

Shaking hands behind grandstands

All wearing the same old grin

Oh, but none of them bother knocking

Oh, they all just come on in

Asking me what all my songs mean

Wonderin' if they're all about them

We were lucky enough to catch Sturgill and his band while they were on their European Tour and we saw them at Glasgow’s Old Fruit Market on 31st January 2020. I recall turning to my friend Dave, who joined us never having heard of Sturgill or his music, and saying “This is my gig of the year” and he agreed!

Hope you enjoy Mercury in Retrograde......

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A bit of Canned Heat, "On the Road Again". Have fun.


Good call! We often listen to Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s Davy’s on the road again!


I concur


Great concert!


Haha, an excellent point, well made Sir!


It was the only gig of the year!!!!!!!!

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