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Sound and Vision No 1 - Ramblin' Rose by Nat King Cole

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Besides enjoying the scenery on our travels in Iona and recording some of it via our photographs, we also enjoy listening to a wide range of music, especially while we are driving. We have been considering providing a playlist of some of what we enjoy listening to as an accompaniment to the visuals; however, it would appear to be rather complicated due to the various copyright laws in different countries. Therefore, we have decided instead to select a tune once a week and make some comments about why we like it, what it reminds us of and the like.

Today’s choice is the first song that I remember ever hearing; it was written by brothers Noel and Joe Sherman and sung by the magnificent Nat King Cole. The single was released on 16th July 1962 and sold over a million copies, making it to number two on the Billboard Charts and is 2 minutes and 45 seconds of aural delight!

The scenery slips by serenely while we ramble along to this tune!

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