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On the road comes Summer!

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

We are off on our travels again and looking forward to light nights and sunny days. OK, maybe that last part is wishful thinking!

After a fabulous meal, a few ‘jars’ and a crackin’ night's sleep, and a tremendous 7-mile morning cycle along the glen at Inveroran, we headed further north. As we came through Glen Coe, we stopped off at Clachaig. Unfortunately, they don't allow overnight vans, so we continued onto Fort William and ended up at the Ben Nevis Inn, where we enjoyed another excellent dinner.

Sunday saw us walk along Glen Nevis for a few miles; then, at the Youth Hostel, we crossed the river and returned to the Visitors’ Center before retracing our steps to the Nevis Inn. The next stop had already been decided. However, we phoned to check that they allow campervans, which, fortunately, they said they would do on this occasion! So off to the Glenelg Inn, where we had a pleasant meal and a couple of jars of ale before settling in for the night.

Monday morning woke us early with cacophonous birdsong and glorious sunshine, and so, after a coffee on the Inn’s terrace looking over to Skye, we set off to cycle to Corran at the end of the road. After an arduous cycle, we stopped off for lunch and to take in the view.

If you look closely, you can just make out the Cuillins in the middle across the water!

Our next stop was further down towards Carron where we had a beautiful view of the sourrounding hills as the sun went down (look up the video elsewhere on the site). After a peaceful night's sleep, we woke to an overcast but lovely day, so we drove to Carron and parked at the Community Hall, from where we set off on the coastal walk. I say 'walk' but much of it was more like mountaineeting, and so after a mile and half we called it day and headed home again. Then we dro,ve north towards Dornie where we parked up above the castle and set up Iona for the night, before we walked to the Clachan Bar and had a couple of beers. We were also entertained by a couple of local lads who performed on guitar and accordian and covered a wide range of musical styles, from traditional Scottish and Irish tunes to Americana a la Jason Isbell and Springsteen!

In the morning, we set off for Manuela's Bakery, where we bought some fabulous bread and pizza slices, and then, via Kyle of Lochalsh, we headed to Plockton, where we had booked into a B&B so we could get a shower and enjoy the delights of the village. Dinner in the Plockton Hotel was delightful, and beforehand, we relaxed on the shorefront watching the tide roll in!

The following day, we drove around Loch Carron and down to the end of the peninsular, looking back towards Plockton, then we headed over to Kinlochewe, where we pitched up on a grassy spot just outside of the village. As it was only about 16:30, we walked into the town to see what was happening, which perhaps inevitably was hee haw! So we strolled back to Iona and settled in for the night as the wind and rain crossed overhead.

We woke to the sound of two vehicles driving into our relatively secluded spot and parking next to us. There then followed joyous chatter of two mates meeting and catching up on the 'skinny'! As the sun shone its glorious light over our 'neck of the woods', we lay in bed enjoying the early morning, listening to the chit-chat of our new neighbours. Then we became aware of a third voice, deeper, more disgruntled and much angrier than the two younger voices. The upshot was that some older fellow had stopped by to tell us to get off his land! Once he had dispatched the neighbours, he then knocked on our door! Nadia opened the window and pre-emptied his bluster by saying that she had heard what he told the two lads, and she apologised for being on his land. However, having the wind taken from his sails didn't suit him, so he mumbled some guff about a campsite in the village and stomped off. If there had been any notice to say no parking etc., we would not have been there; however, we did not get to point this out to him.

So we 'packed up' and moved on, driving to Dingwall, where we had booked a slot in the campsite. Once parked, we had an excellent 14-mile cycle along Cycle Route No 1 before showering and heading into town for a curry, our other national dish!

Our last stop on this trip was to be one of our regular stopovers, Dunkeld. However, being the easter weekend, the place was 'jumping', so we decided to move on and ended up at the Glenisla Hotel, north of Blairgowrie. As it turned out, it was a good choice as the staff were welcoming and chatty, and the meal was delicious. And so another trip comes to an end as we head home tomorrow for a few days before heading out again at the end of the week for a family wedding near Benderloch. See you all soon.

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Good show : ) Might bump into you as covering similar terrain.

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