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My first ‘wild swim’ in years…..

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Having been inspired by Jo at the Lodge at Dalwhinnie, I decided to give 'wild swimming' a bash and, as we were lucky enough to get a lochside overnight spot, today I "broke my duck"!

I awoke at 8:30 am and was delighted to see that the overnight wind and rain had passed, although what awaited me dulled that sense of joy! I then had a five-minute talk to myself and decided it had to be now or never and shook off the comforting duvet. "Up and at 'em" was my mantra!

Once by the lock side, a 30-second walk from the seclusion of Iona, I determined to step right in. So with no delay, I stepped gingerly into the mid-October temperature water and carried on until I was waist-deep. Then, after a few seconds, I braced myself, ducked down until all but my head was submerged. "Jeez", I gasped and thrashed my limbs wildly in reflex; however, I realised too that I was exhilarated! Then I slid fully below the surface, held what little breath I had retained, and marvelled at what I was doing and what I had achieved!

I then stood with the loch still waist-deep and plunged below the surface a second time before slowly standing and walking back to the shore to dry off and return to Iona's sanctuary and warmth!

I dressed and sat tingling from head to foot and decided that I would try this this space, as they say....

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