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Isle of Skye.....

A quick update: having left Colonsay, we 'hightailed' it from Oban up to Skye, with a short stopover in Fort William to buy an eBike battery charger from the ever-reliable Nevis Bike shop.

We arrived in Skye about ten minutes before our friends, Derek and Phil, whom we had arranged to meet up with, as they were still travelling back to their rented cottage from the fabled "fairy pools". After a fond reunion, a forced separation due to Covid, we walked into Broadford and had a fabulous meal in a great local restaurant called The Claymore. It was then back to the cottage for several more libations and a late-night chat!

We woke bleary-eyed and still tired from the lack of sleep as our hosts had to be out of the cottage by 10:00. A quick coffee, and we were outside saying 'thanks and looking forward to seeing you again!'

We have had a few beautiful nights since in the south of the island and have been blessed with warm weather and calm sunny days. This mild weather has provided us with fantastic sunsets and sunrises, and the forecast is 'set fair' for the next week. The only blip on the horizon is that the notorious "midges" have made their annual appearance over the last day or so. This turn of events heralds the arrival of the female of the species who are the ones who bite!

4:56 am looking east towards Mallaig

That ‘tired’ old sun!

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May 29, 2021

Hi Iain - I can confirm that the midgies are back. We were up near Torridon 2 weeks ago and there were none but came up to Tayvallich yesterday and after leaving the Inn last night we were attacked. Photos and stories great as always. See you soon

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Getting near time to think about heading east now! Hope you enjoyed your time away and we will get in touch once we are back. Cheers


Hi Iain. We have family in Skye. Our cousin Christine lived there but unfortunately she has passed away. However her daughter, I think called Margaret is still there. She works in the pharmacy I believe as a pharmacist. Really nice person Your pictures are amazing

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Thanks Pat, much appreciated and I was aware that we have family here but didn’t know any details.


Iain, If you can - get yourself to Uig and then take the ferry over to Tarbert (Harris). From there I have good friends at Flodabay and Seilebost - stunning locations. If up in Lewis I can get you sorted there too If still on Skye for now check out round Staffin. Again some good contacts there,

For the midgies take lots of garlic (and Guiness). They don't like that. R xx

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