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Iona's Song of the Week - No 22

Updated: May 27

It has taken me 22 weeks to introduce this next song, and there are a couple of reasons for this! The first is that it lasts nearly eleven minutes and the second is that the band perform ‘experimental/psychedelic’ style music, bet you canny wait! The song also represents another genre that I enjoy, the mantra-esque style of music, i.e. a long, repetitive sound that resembles a mantra.

On this song, as with many by the band, the drummer, Omar Ahsanuddin, lays down a simple beat, which he maintains for the entire length of the song, and Erik "Ripley" Johnson, on guitar, overlays some intriguing grunge solo work.

I encountered this four-piece San Francisco group in about 2010 when I came across their second album, Dos, released the year before, and my choice of this week is the third track from that album. Subsequently, the Wooden Shijps, this week’s band, has become one of my two favourite live bands. (Some day I will reveal the other hand!).

And so, let's go back 15 years and listen to the Wooden Shijps’ ‘Down by the Sea’:

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