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Iona's Song of the Week - No 20

Updated: 7 days ago

I first came across Chris Richards in 2001 when he released his debut album, Jam the Breeze. Chris hails from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, on the western shores of Lake Michigan, and he has recently released his 6th album, Wisconsin River.

I liked his ‘story-telling’ style, so I started following his career. Then, back in 2012 (after an eight-year hiatus), he released Goldenwest, his third albumwhich opened with this week’s song of the week!

As I have said previously, I have been drawn to musicians who can paint a picture with just a few words, artists like Dylan, Springsteen, and Harry Chapin, to name but three, and to this, I would add Mr Richards, at least based on this song!

And so here is my choice for this week: Rubblefields…….

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