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Iona's Song of the Week - No 19

Updated: 7 days ago

Gosh, it is that time again! With so much phenomenal music to choose from, where does

one start?! Well, this week's song has been ''bubbling under'' for a week or so, and I alluded to it last week, so the decision has been relatively easy!

The instrumental song was released in December 1973 as the second single from the group's fourth studio album, Brothers and Sisters and was written by the band's guitarist Dickie Betts; the song is a tribute to gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt in that it was designed to be played using only two fingers on the left hand!

Betts wrote most of the tune at the band's farm in Juliette, Georgia, and he named it after his daughter, Jessica Betts, who was an infant when it was released. She bounced along to the song's rhythm, and Betts attempted to capture her attitude with its melody. He also invited fellow guitarist Les Dudek to collaborate on the tune, and Dudek performed the ''bridge''.

The arrangement was crafted before recording at Capricorn Sound Studios in Macon, Georgia. (All these well-known place names for us on ''this side of the pond''!) Also, the fabulous Piano section mid-way through was played by Chuck Leavell, and the song was ‘instrumental’ in awakening my love of guitar-based music. I believe that there was another tune that was the first to turn me on to this style, but that could be for another day!

I honestly couldn't say when I first encountered this week's choice; however, as I was only 15 years old at the time of its release, I would guess it was a good five years or so later. 

And so, if you know, you know, the clues are all there after all, and so here is this week's song of the week:

Jessica by the Allman Brothers Band…..

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