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Home again, and the latest trip is uploaded for your viewing....

Our most recent tour of Scotland was designed to take in Torridon, Wester Ross, and North West Sutherland before the dreaded midges make their annual appearance on those shores and the NC 500 starts to “creak from over-use”.

It turned out to be a magnificent outing lasting 24 days and taking in the aforementioned west coast and a good chunk of the north coastal route.

A few sample images are in the “Latest Photos....” tab, and a more comprehensive collection is under the “Our Trips” tab. Feel free to explore!

As ever here in Scotland, the weather was mixed, ranging from sun burning sunshine to van heater Level 8 (out of 10!) evening coolness. The highlight for us would be Achmelvich Campsite and beach, which was simply stunning, and we got a great tan on the 8-mile trek to Lochinver and back. We would also make a special mention of the lovely campsite in Scourie.

Diabaig Bay

Stay tuned to find out how we get on during our next adventure in Iona......

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