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Dalwhinnie, here we come….

As we headed off on our next trip, we actually had a destination in mind! As those of you who regularly follow our exploits will know, we rarely know if we will turn right or left when we leave the driveway! So our destination was to the Lodge in Dalwhinnie, a fabulous little bar/cafe that we encountered on our last outing, where the lovely owners, Jo and Andy, allow campervans to stay overnight.

As it was a Thursday, it was also "Vinyl Night" at the Lodge, and so we stowed a few albums and set off north! However, with the COP gathering due shortly in Glasgow, getting out of town proved to be a nightmare and delayed our travels considerably. Nevertheless, we were eventually heading up the M90 towards Perth and 'the north'.

The evening was entertaining, and the clientele appreciated the albums, well, most of the albums! We also met some engaging fellow travellers, enjoyed dinner and the extensive range of drinks, all served with a smile and happy banter by Jo and Andy. A lovely way to kickstart our next road trip......

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Bon voyage sans passe sanitaire. Looking forward to the next installment.

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