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Around Aberdeenshire……

After nearly 14 days on the road, we are heading home at the end of the week to collect the new front wheel for Nadia's bike (damaged on our trip to Wales). We hope to be back out and about early next week; however, in the meantime, we have had a great time hopping around Aberdeenshire.

We have been on the North Coast, the East Coast and various places in between - check out our "latest trip" elsewhere on the website for details. We were treated to a beautiful sunset last night when we were parked up on the banks of the Ythan river estuary and were woken by wonderful birdsong as the flocks gathered on the newly exposed sands of the estuary. Superb!

Tonight we are snuggled up under the trees in woodland just west of Aberdeen after enjoying a lovely coastal walk at Newburgh, where we were able to walk barefoot in the North Sea as the tide rolled in! Oh, if only we had remembered to pack our swimwear! Happy days, indeed.

We are so blessed to have such inspiring countryside in our 'backyard"!

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