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And so, a fond fair well to Skye…

And so after 12 days, twelve glorious days, we say a fond fair well to the Isle of Skye. You offered so much, and we participated in what we could! We enjoyed the bike rides, the walks, the scenery, the food and the hospitality. We left with several more places and things to do not yet ticked off our list, but hopefully, we will be allowed back in the not too distant future......

The big question this morning was, "Where to next?" So we set to on the internet and planned our next ten days on the road. The upshot is that we have booked a trip to......ah ha, you will have to tune in again to find out!

Hint, we turned left when we left Skye and, by definition, we headed North!

As a footnote, it should be noted that the weather has been perfect, and the midges have, more or less, been an irrelevance. Long may both continue!

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The midgies don't like Guiness or garlic btw


Looking forward to your next adventure.

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“I’ll follow the sun” by an old beat combo, who, if memory serves me well, went by the name of “The Beatles” or something like that!!

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