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And sadly it comes to pass…..

As our current jaunt comes to an end, we look back over another great trip which started with "Vinyl Night" at the Lodge in Dalwhinnie and is drawing to a close on the west coast at Laggan Locks. Over the past 13 or 14 days, we had some fantastic experiences, including 'wild swimming' in two different lochs and two nights at the Ullapool Beer Festival in the Morefield Motel, an unplanned and unexpected treat!

Silverbridge, Garve

On Friday night, we had Ruairidh MacLean and his 'squeeze box' and what a night. His music ranged from "Duelling Banjos" to traditional Scottish Country Music. Suffice to say that I have never heard an accordion produce such diverse and melodic notes, as was attested to by the locals who danced the night away. Oh, and Ruairidh played all night with his work boots on, a pair of yellow wellies! Check Ruairidh out on the link below:

We enjoyed the night so much that we decided on staying for the Saturday night when Dougie Burns and the Cadillacs were set to entertain us. We were not disappointed as Dougie and the band romped through many self-penned tunes and a few choice covers, at least one of which had Nadia and me up amongst the dancers "gien it laldy"!

After the excursions of the Beer Festival, we headed south to Gairloch in search of something quieter and to relax. We found a couple of lovely lochside locations, although the weather could have been more 'clement' as Freud might have said laconically!

Ardessi Falls

Over the trip, my two favourite photos have included water, which is perhaps no surprise given the time of year!

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