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A Wedding at Barcaldine Castle

This blog is a minor detour in that our trip was for a family wedding rather than an Iona Cali trip. However, Nadia and I travelled to Benderloch in Iona, so the story appears here. 

Ross, my brother Rhod and his wife Pip’s younger son, finally decided to marry his girlfriend of 19 years, Louise, and they chose to get hitched in Barcaldine Castle, just north of Benderloch in Argyll and Bute. 

We picked up Pip’s sister, Penny, from Glasgow Airport at 14:15 and travelled north to Benderloch, where we dropped Penny at her accommodation and then drove to our ‘digs’. Later that day, Penny, her sister Pauline and her husband, Andrew, picked us up, and we met Rhod and Pip and had a scrumptious dinner in the Oyster Bar Restaurant in Connell Bridge.

Then on Friday night, we had a wonderful family and friends gathering in Barcaldine Castle as a forerunner for the wedding the following day. Come Saturday, at 14:00, we witnessed Ross and Louise ‘tie the knot’; what a lovely, emotional ceremony it was also! After which we enjoyed a fantastic, intimate gathering and meal. All in all, it was a memorable day. 

Rory, Ross (the Groom), Louise, Rhod and Me.

Nadia and I set off the following day, heading home via several detours and an overnight stop in Ardfern, having enjoyed a few days in the highlands, which turned out to be fantastic; our accommodation, the food, the people, the wedding, the scenery, and the whole shooting match, were all top-notch!

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Glad that you enjoyed it all. Catch up soon.

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