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A surprise on wakening…

We woke to a dreadful morning. The wind, which had pounded Iona throughout the night, was still venting its rage, and copious lashings of solid rain joined it! I opened the blind, and after a while, the sun made a brief appearance. I lazily watched as it disappeared again behind the layers of storm clouds. In time it reappeared, at which point I instinctively thought, "That's odd". Something did not add up, so I reached for my camera and snapped a couple of photos. I then checked a search engine (not the ubiquitous one!) and discovered that the outer Hebrides was the ideal place in the UK today, the 10th June, to see the partial eclipse of the sun, and there it was, outside our window!

The right place at the right time.....

10th June 2021

10th June 2021

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Brilliant - lucky you!!! Where are you now?

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Shawbost, Isle of Lewis.

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