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A quick few days out and about….

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

After a month-long hiatus during which we got on with the mundane things in life and, more importantly, met up with some good friends to natter and discuss the burning issues of the day, we are on the road again. However, we knew our initial destination this time: a family wedding near Bathgate! During this event, the two photos of Ballencrief Reservoir were taken.

The following day, after a slow recuperative morning, we set off "alla ventura" and came across Cairnpapple Hill, a neolithic ritual site dating back to about 3500 BC. As with many of these ancient sites, it is best viewed from above, something the creators never even dreamed was possible!

From here, we ventured southwest and discovered Wilsontown (a tad ironic as the bride at the wedding’s maiden name is Wilson), an old Ironworks town created by Mr Wilson no less! At its peak, there were more than two thousand people employed at the iron works, but sadly none of it remains other than the former Inn (now derelict). Next up, we arrived at an old favourite: The Clonyard Hotel near Dalbeattie, where we enjoyed an Indonesian-influenced dinner and a couple of beers before retiring to Iona for a nightcap and a good night's sleep.

Today (Sunday), we had a pleasant walk from Rockcliffe to Kippford and back and saw some interesting sights along the way, including the wood carving of Hagrid and Hemione! We then went to Cream O' Galloway, Rainton Farm, where we had a fab fruit scone with jam and cream before buying some delicious organic, unpasteurised cheeses! A leisurely mile and a half walk around the grounds followed to work off the excess!

Hagrid & Hermione, Kippford

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