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Western Ross, here we come.....

Haha! We knew which way to turn this time out as we left the driveway! If you follow our blogs, you will get the reference!

So “right” it was, and thus we headed north up the west side of Loch Lomond, where we spent our first night at Slanj in Tarbet, where we enjoyed a few beers and some local scran! Our destination had been decided before we left home and it is to be......

Western Ross on the west coast of Scotland. As this is the Easter holiday, we just hope that the road to Applecross “Bealach an Ba” (Pass of the cattle) is not too busy; we shall see! The problem is that this stunning pass is part of the NC500 (North Coast 500, a 500-mile coastal route around the north of Scotland), which, as the season unfolds, becomes overloaded and extremely busy, too busy for us! So we head northwest, knowing that there will be no “midges” but potentially many white boxes on wheels.......

Stay tuned to find out how we get on.

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