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A month on the road....

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Now that the Covid-19 restrictions have been eased somewhat further, we decided to take a tour locally. And so, with no real plan of action in mind, we set off on Thursday 13th August and headed north out of Glasgow through Bearsden and Drymen.

We spent a couple of days in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, before heading west and spending several days on the Kintyre Peninsula.

We then took a ferry to Islay and spent a week on the island and were based in the Port Mor campsite, just outside Port Charlotte. While we were there, we took in many of the sites, and a particular highlight was our cycle ride on the Strand Beach, quite magnificent!

Oh, and we sampled a few malts although only four of the nine distilleries were open due to Covid-19.

Next up, we returned to Kintyre for a couple of nights before heading back out to sea and going to Oban and then Mull where we spent a week based at the Pennygown campsite south of Salen. Again, we found many attractions closed, so we were restricted to driving and cycling around the roads of the island.

We then returned to the mainland and had a couple of days in and around the Sunart area, just north of Mull, before we finally returned home to Glasgow on Friday 11th September, just shy of a month on the road, our most extended trip to date!

View of headland from Carsaig, Isle of Mull

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Cheers Jim, much appreciated and we will do our best to keep up the excellent work!


Sep 26, 2020

Sounds idyllic. I am sure you are planning the next one.

I am looking forward to vicariously enjoying it through your eloquent prose

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