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Iona heads east in 2024….

Updated: Mar 27

Friday and Iona is out and about again; we are heading east, where Scotland has less rain just now! We set off towards the Larick Campsite in Tayport, another of our 'go-to' campsites these days, and after setting up camp, we wandered over to Cobbie's Inn, down by the harbour, for a few 'sherbets'!

After a pleasant chat with some regulars, we walked around the corner to pick up a fish supper; it was Friday evening after all! Then after a brisk walk back to the campsite, we enjoyed our evening meal as the wind battered Iona with 38 mph gusts of wind! The gusts did not abate until late morning on Saturday, by which time we were on a bus heading into St Andrews for some shopping and wandering around that beautiful Fife University town.

As good fortune would have it, the wind dissipated, and the sun made a welcome appearance in the afternoon, by which time we had had a pleasant walk and found a great cafe selling wonderful toasties! The establishment is called Taste, by the way!

We then enjoyed some libations in local taverns and encountered a few students on a Hockey Ball night out, all part of life's rich tapestry!

The Laidlaw Music Center, St Andrews

Then we jumped on a local bus and were back in Tayport in no time, where we picked up some supplies for dinner before heading back to the campsite and Iona. One disappointment in what was otherwise a lovely day: we found out that the sink tap in Iona had blown a fuse, resulting in no tap water for the rest of this trip and having to fork out some £63.00 for a new tap! I wouldn't mind, other than the fact that this is the second time I have had to replace the damn thing. One would think that VW could make a tap that doesn't stop working if water gets into the damn thing! In-built obsolescence, I suppose!

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