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26th April 2021.........

It has now been announced by the Scottish Government that from 26th April 2021 travel within the mainland of Scotland will be allowed again. Also, UK wide travel may be allowed from that date or “as soon as possible thereafter”. This is what we have been waiting all winter for and are so excited that we will be able to dust down Iona Cali and get back out on our travels. We have just under six weeks to wait and as the weather is improving we will have plenty of time to give Iona Cali a good scrub down! We will have to dust off the maps too to see where we will decide to head for our first trip of 2021. Coincidentally, to help celebrate our first trip of the year, the 26th of April is my birthday!

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It will be strange without wee Tashi.


Wish we could join you. Enjoy

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Will keep in touch!

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