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Playlist # 03 uploaded

We have added another Playlist and hope that you enjoy listening to our latest choices. It is always tricky sharing music as we understand that not everyone is interested in hearing "sight unseen music", so to speak! However, we have a deep love of most musical genres and trust that there will be something on the list that you enjoy. Also, thanks to those of you who have passed on positive comments on what you have heard so far!

We wanted to highlight one of the tracks on the latest list and have gone for "Elvis Was My Brother" by Dean Owens, who hails for the fair city of Edinburgh here in Scotland. We first came across Dean as the lead singer of a reasonably famous local band called The Felsons back in the mid to late '90s and have tracked his career ever since. We have also shared a beer with him at the Perth Southern Fried Music Festival, but that's another story!

Dean has a great voice, which is a foundation that grabs us in much of what we enjoy and on this 'outing', the lyrics tell a heartfelt story that no doubt many can relate to in life.

Hope you enjoy this particular song folks......

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