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Bonnie Scotland, here we go again……

Having undertaken a few chores back in Glasgow, and having caught up with several friends, it is time to get ‘out and about’ again!

This time we turned left when we drove out onto the street which had us pitching up in Pitlochry on a late Friday afternoon, not a poor choice to start our latest trip. Once set up, we ventured into town and enjoyed a couple of beers at the Old Mill before heading round to the local ‘chippy’ to dicover that they had just shut at 20:00 on a Friday night! Ah well, the ‘chippy’s’ loss was the pizza shop’s gain, and not too shabby a choice either!

We ended up staying in Pitlochry for another night and, forewarned, we made the chippy in time to order a lovely haddock supper!

Since then we have been to Braemar, Alford, Elgin (where we booked into a great hotel to freshen up!), Lossiemouth and are currently holed up in Burghead, another cracking wee town on the Moray Firth.

Check in again to see where else we get to on this jaunt, and thanks again for your interest and support.

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